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The History of Agro Merchant Bank

The current merchant banking system presents fundamental issues for emerging economies to access capital for commodities. Agro Merchant Bank is working to change that.

Expanding the World Economy with Merchant Banks

The origin of Merchant banks can be traced back to Italy in the late medieval times. A “merchant”, was traditionally known as any individual who participated in the facilitation of trade or business. Since periods of early civilization, trade and business have revolved around commodities. As globalization emerged and trade channels began to grow, institutions were established to finance commodity trades. This marked the birth of Merchant Banks.

Merchant banking has changed significantly since the 15th century, however there has remained a void for corporations in emerging economies to access capital for commodity trades. Until now.

Revolutionizing Global Trade
Finance for Commodities

Agro Merchant Bank prides itself on being committed to mitigating risk in the complicated world of trade finance for commodities globally. We offer our clients trade finance transactional and management services including letters of credit from premiere banks in Canada and The United States.

Our team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in agriculture, commodities, logistics, finance and international trade. We have spent years developing a system that allows capital to flow fast and securely from buyers and suppliers of commodities like Icumsa 45 sugar, Hard Wheat, and No. 2 Yellow Corn.

You can count on our team to finance your commodity trade.

Our Trusted Canadian Banking Partners

We have partnered with three world renowned Canadian banks that have operated since the 1800’s. The Canadian banking system is known for its stability during tough economic times and is trusted around the globe. With the backing of these financial institutions, we are helping finance more commodity trades than ever before.

The Values Agro Merchant Bank Stands For


Being honest and realistic with our clients is of utmost importance to our staff. We are always fully transparent throughout your financing process, so you never have to worry.


Our team was carefully selected over the better part of a decade with individuals who possess strong moral compasses. This ensures they will always act in the best interest of our clients.


At Agro Merchant Bank, our entire operation revolves around trust. We pride ourselves on being the merchant bank you can count on to get your trade finance needs handled fast and efficiently


Your corporation's financial position is your business, and your business only. AMB will never disclose any sensitive information or customer data to a 3rd party and abides by Bank Secrecy Laws.


Our clients are everything to our team. When you decide to work with us, we are committed to acting in your best interest and providing you with the best trade finance experience available.


We are at our clients disposal 24/7/365. No matter when you have a question or concern, you can rely on our team to be there for you. At AMB, we offer the industry's best customer service.

Senior Executives and Advisory Board Members Expertise

Agro Merchant Bank (AMB) is committed to enhancing your commodities trading business with back office senior management and advisory board proven expertise in the following areas:
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AMB has followed a “muddy boots” philosophy when it comes to grass roots producers. Whether the crop is sugar cane, wheat, corn soybeans and more, AMB team leaders were farmers first. We understand the product and appreciate the primary producers who have toiled to bring farm products to the marketplace.
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Refining & Processing

AMB has functioned as consultants to major banks and industry leaders in the areas of food process technology, process efficiencies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) as these relate to product quality, yield and enhanced certainty of delivery.

Growth & Business Ethics

Team members have built international companies with global market penetration and this has been done with a strong moral compass and sense of fair play. We value brokers and agents with entrepreneurial spirit and we compensate this spirit with respect and on time commission payments as agreed.
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Document Preparation

We prepare documents on behalf of buyers, agents, suppliers and banks. The guiding principles are that contracts need to be precise, fair, balanced and clear. There should be no losers in a transaction and this starts with documentation.
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UCP Rules Latest Version

AMB has functioned as a consultant to financial institutions and traders in the critical use of and governance of UCP Articles. This is important when deploying creative measures in the execution of the trade to the benefit of all parties.
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Premier Letters of Credit

AMB’s bank relationships in Canada and the U.S has enabled us to access significant credit lines for the benefit of the Parties involved in the transaction.

Logistics & Insurance

Advisory board members have real life experience in these areas. They operate their own shipping companies. There’s nothing like real life experience when it comes to “tough lessons learned.”
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AMB has associates in Bahamas, Canada, Cyprus, South East Asia, the U.S. and West Africa.

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The Legal Team

The AMB legal team led by Canadian lawyer with the rank of Queen’s provides the legal framework for principled commercial law & international trading law.
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AMB senior management and founding member has received the President’s Award for Entrepreneurship- one of only 25 in the U.S.A.

Strategic Locations
Around the Globe.

Our team offices are strategically located in 5 different countries spanning 3 continents. This allows for a decentralized management structure where individuals can focus on what they do best in their respective markets.